Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Here's my funny kid story for the week...

Middle daughter comes out of her room with a halter style top on that is a bit too large.

"Maybe you should find a different shirt. That one is kind of low cut."

She says, "Oh yeah, I don't want my niblets to show."

It took me a few seconds to gather my thoughts and realize what she meant by niblets. The first thing that came to my mind was the jolly green giant, the jolly green giant with...well...niblets. I laughed and laughed hard. Where do they come up with these terms?!?!

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Packers and the Vikings lost today. Makes for a bad afternoon for the boys in the house. My new rule...I tape the games on the dvr (once I figure it out) and then allow them to watch it if it's a good game. There's my solution. Beats the mad/sad/frustrated fans of the house! Wonder if it will work....
This morning I got up and drove to Vermillion to run a 5K for the Susan B. Koman Race For The Cure. I seriously thought about not going. With a week of a cold and laryingitis, I really wasn't all that prepared. But it was such a beautiful morning, my shoes were calling my name. So I went and ran a race for a really, really good cause. What was even better than the finish line on the 40 yard line of the DakotaDome was seeing people there, celebrating for being a survivor or knowing a survivor. And even those in tears, remembering those they had lost. It was a great event. I know so much more about the foundation now.

So i ran my heart out for people I didn't even know. For 23 minutes, the last thing on my mind was a lingering cold. For 23 minutes, I thought about how lucky I was. For 23 minutes, I was helping find a cure for breast cancer. And it felt really good.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

How is it that a 6th grader knows so much about technology? We got the new HD box hooked up to the family tv which has so many features on it, I don't have it figured out yet. But as I'm sitting here watching my son watch college football, he's rewinding plays, pausing the game for a mountain dew break, using the dvr to record another game and pausing one game to watch another. What is happening? I don't even know how to turn the darn thing on yet. Somehow I feel a bit like I'm losing control. Yep, I just don't have it anymore.

So I guess I'll just have to break down and ask the boy for directions on how to watch tv. Darn technology...just when you think you've got it all figured out, an 11-year old is always a step ahead.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


it's my new website for you to check out. what do ya think?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

3 little things you didn't know about me...

I figure since you are all pretty close blog friends now, I thought it would be okay to reveal a few things I enjoy and have my whole life. Let it be known, I have not shared these little secrets with just anyone. In fact, I don't think there has been anyone. I just had to finally share them. They are my own private pleasures that make me happy. (please don't misconstrue that comment!)

Anyhoo, here you go...

1) I love monkeys. When I was a kid, I would ask for a monkey every Chrismas. Never got one. Except for a sock monkey. I wanted a real one. I mean, I really love monkeys. Someday, before I die, I would absolutely love to hold a baby monkey. Maybe even just hang out with one. Or two. Yes, I am the one at the zoo that can't leave the monkey displays. I just think they are so darn cute.

2) I still love watching The Young and the Restless. Especially late at night, when everyone is asleep. I'll do my work on the computer and at the same time watch this silly show that I've watched ever since high school. I lost track of it during college and my 20's. Kind of funny how you can miss 10 years, turn it on and it seems like you never missed an episode. It's my own little entertainment and I know it's really, really dumb. But it's kind of nice to escape my own world and sneak into the pretend lives of these people for an hour. It's like an escape. Just for me. I don't tape it or anything, and I don't go into panic attacks when I miss shows. It's just nice to do every once in awhile when the house is quiet and i get the whole tv to myself.

3) I could eat a whole bag of Doritos in one night. I love Doritos. My fave are the nacho cheese kind. They sure put more nacho cheese than in the years past. Mmmmm. There is usually a bag in the cupboard and it's usually open. And I usually sneak a chip here and a chip there. If there isn't a bag when I get the craving, I get kind of bummed. I never say anything out loud, but man, if someone eats all the Doritos and I don't know it, I am bummed. Even a little mad. Is that normal?!?

I was just thinking...the ultimate secret pleasure would be watching Young and the Restless late at night, eating nacho cheese Doritos with a handful of monkeys.

Now that's quite the picture.

oops. I mean, "what's up." can't get that middle school language out of my head...

Monday, September 15, 2008

I still have a blasted cold. My voice is gone, my nose is stuffed and I'm wondering how I'm going to cheer my son on in the football game tomorrow night. I've noticed a different language in my middle schooler. When I pick him up, he gets in the jeep and says ," 'sup." I think it's supposed to mean what's up. So while I'm learning his language, I'll be cheering him on in the game. I'm sure I'll find a way, even if it's just a squeek. Because it's all worth it.

Today my middle daughter found out she made the part of Blue Angel in the upcoming production of the Nutcracker in November. Tryouts were backed up 2 1/2 hours and we waited and waited and waited. She finally got her chance. I heard Blue Angels have to wear their hair in ringlets for rehearsals. Um, have you seen my daughter's head of hair...I will be ringlet-ing for hours and hours when all is said and done. That too will all be worth it.

My little one can't wait for her turn at the Nutcracker. It's hard for her to understand this show is every other year and you have to be at least in 2nd grade to tryout. So her turn will come in 2 years. She gives me a pattern of hugs n kisses when I drop her off the school. Two kisses on the cheek, one on the lips and a hug for keeps. Even when we're running late and there's just no time left, I still get the hugs n kisses. And it's all worth it.

Kids make everything worth it, don't they?!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

I have a cold and felt like I could have slept in this morning. But I didn't. And I'm so glad. My oldest boy is in confirmation now once a week which requires sermon notes. I think it's neat to watch him listening so intently, I really think he's learning a lot and it kind of gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling. But even cooler was during communion. I went up, came back to the pew and watched the pastor come down to an old man at the end of our pew. He was in a wheelchair, hooked up to an oxygen tank and a couple of other tubes. I thought, "wow, all that and he still came to church." Kind of made my whining about my cold seem ridiculous. I watched as the pastor gave him the bread, the wine and told him his sins were forgiven. To my surprise the man started to sob. It was like he was so happy to be taking communion. He was so happy to be blessed. I just couldn't control myself. Even now as I write this, my eyes are welled up. It was just one of the most awesome things I have seen. I find it so remarkable how we experience things like this, almost like we were meant to witness it.

I don't think I will ever forget that old man. Taking communion just took on a whole new meaning.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

...finished in 1:50:25. I thought of you guys the whole way. Thanks for being there with me.

Friday, September 05, 2008

My son has been playing a couple of different positions during the last 3 years of his football playing career, running back, wide receiver and defensive back. So what happens last night at his first scrimmage? He's named starting quarterback for the upcoming season. He's pretty excited and we're really proud of him at any position he plays. But we're a little in shock! My hubby hasn't been doing quarterback drills all summer. In fact, it's been HIM playing quarterback, doing plays with my boy. So now, we'll have to reverse it. With my son throwing passes to his dad. Now that should make for some interesting footage. At any rate, the first game is Tuesday night and we're hoping this new position will treat him good. Maybe all the studying of Brett Favre will pay off.
P.S. The BIG game is Monday night...Vikings vs. Packers. It's always a crazy household here when those two teams play each other. So wear your purple (or your green) and be sure and watch. And hope we all don't go to bed mad at each other.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

In between football, confirmation, dance, photo appts. and the normal everyday life, I have been really trying to get in my miles for the upcoming race. Another half marathon on Sunday morning and I'm not very confident. My miles have been sparatic, getting them in when I can, not so much on a schedule like before. Once school started, things just seemed to have gotten, well, a little busier. But....I'm glad it's going to be a beautiful day Sunday, I'm glad we get to stay overnight at my dad's, I'm glad I get to see my mom after the race and I'm glad my whole family will be waiting at the finish line. That is enough to keep me going. I think. This will be the 5th time I have done this and I'm nervous. I can't explain it but I am. So, if you get a chance, even a few seconds of prayer time, could you ask God to give me stamina? To give me confidence? And to give me strength?

Thanks from the bottom of my heart...