Friday, August 12, 2011

Schew! I'm back! Carey emailed me asking where my blog was. I didn't know! After some investigating, I found it and it's back. I thought maybe since I hadn't been on here for so long, it just automatically deleted! I doubt that, but it is wierd :)
So, here I am staring at a blank "new post" page and have no clue what to write. I've been busy this week with photo appointments, school orientations and football meetings. I feel like I've been hit with a double daughter going to middle school and son going to high school. It's a crazy feeling. Brody has been on a strict training plan for freshman football all summer...lifting 4 days a week, running with me, and scrimmages. I'm excited for the game to begin. It's been fun watching the transformation of my young son getting muscle-y. He has a washboard stomach and biceps...and to think, only a few years ago, he had no idea what a muscle was. Girls are dancing and have a big performance next week. They have been running with me too and have tackled 3 5K's with 2 more coming up. They amaze me.
Tonight was an interesting night...while taking senior pictures of an awesome triathloner, a storm was rolling in. He wanted just a few more in the lake with his triathloner gear on. We were rushing to get his numbers on his arm when he looked at me and his mom and said, "your hair is standing on end!" His mom and I ran for the shore. Seriously, that was freaky. We laughed but still knew we had to hurry the heck up. Kip ran into the water, I snapped 10 pics in no time and boom, we were done. We said we would never forget that shoot! I'll have to post the picture when I get it edited.
Well, for not having anything to say, I sure said a lot. The flood is receeding, we are all healthy, happy and I'm thankful that my now high school son still likes to hang out with his mom. Especially on the golf course. With the way I hit, I'm surprised he comes to pick me up in the cart. Again, glad I got my blog back and glad I got to write about nothing. I forgot how much fun it was! I'll be back with something a bit more interesting. But for now, life is good.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Flood update a few posts down...look for the picture of Brody who was so thrilled to have his picture taken in front of the dam!

Lucas is 6 months old! I have taken his pictures since he was born...I love getting to watch them grow up with each photo shoot!

This couple just moved here from Lousiana and I loved their southern accent! Little Grant was the cutest 2 yr old!!

A recent photo shoot of a family I have taken pictures of for years. I have always thought these little girls are going to be models someday!

Here we are, June almost gone and it feels like our summer hasn't even started! Our water situation is getting higher by the day...our running/bike path is now underwater and the beach that we use is no longer open. It's amazing to me how much water there is down here. It's hard to describe. Today the dam is releasing even more water, bringing it up to 160,000 cfs. The water table below us is now only 2ft below our basement. Normally it's at 15ft. Our neighbors have 6 inches of water in their sump pump since last night so we are expecting water...soon. If they raise the amount of water from the dam any higher, it could mean we have to leave. So keep praying that this will be it and the sump pump will be able to keep us dry.

Other, more positive happenings...

The kids and I are heading to Salem, SD on Saturday to run a 5K. Not sure why we picked Salem except for the fact that it's a little road trip away from home. We are going to run and then celebrate with lunch on me. The girls have been training and they are ready for the challenge. Then we all head to Springfield the following Saturday for our traditional 4th of July 5K. Looking forward to running with the kiddos.

Landscaping in our backyard a.k.a. moving thousands of pounds of rock was put on hold after the flooding issues but started back up last night. Our neighbor brought over his Bobcat and rock is being moved! Beats the shovel that is for sure. Our home is in complete disarray. However, I am hopeful things will come together by fall.

All my prayer warriors, keep praying for everyone displaced by this flood. Keep praying that I can hold my head up when I start feeling down. I hope our summer can still happen and we are hopeful July will bring some fun in the sun!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Well, according to my last post, we were in a flood zone. We still are. However, the stress has lifted and we are staying dry so far. We are expecting water anyday now...the water table below us is now only 4 ft away from our basement. It's been a crazy ride these last couple of weeks. I have changed my running routes to take me along the river and document each day and how the water changes from one to the next. It's quite amazing really. The water is truly huge and I have never seen so much of it. Part of my route is now underwater and I detour along the road, which is a dangerous path with all the traffic. People have been coming from everywhere, camera and camcorders in hand to take their own documentation of the scene. Homes a few blocks from me are washed photo spot is now underwater...thousands of sandbags line the end of my street for emergency use. I feel for the people across the state who have lost their homes, their belongings. Our basement is empty right now and we are hoping the new sump pump will do its job and keep everything dry. The flag pole in the first picture is now at the last black mark at the top tonight.

Our spirits are lifted this week and we have a new outlook on the situation. Things are just things. They can be replaced. We will do whatever we can to save them but as long we are together and safe, that is what is important. Seth and I had a date night Saturday night and we got thru the entire meal without mentioning the word flood...oh we needed that!

This week the dam will be releasing its highest amount of water...150,000 cfs. I'm quite certain we will have some sort of water seeping in with all that water coming thru. Please continue to pray that the sump pump can keep up and we will be able to "move" back in very soon! Even with all this, I still love the Mighty Mo and all its glory. There really is nothing like living by the river.

Friday, June 03, 2011

This has been the longest week of my life. It's been the toughest week of my life. And it's not going to be over anytime soon. I feel like crying everyday since this whole flood issue has come up. I guess I have, mostly in secret though. This is the Gavins Point Dam putting out only 65,000 cfs. By tomorrow, the number will increase to 100,000 cfs and by next Tuesday, a whopping 150,000 cfs. The old record? 70,000 back in 1997. I can hear the roaring of the water from my yard and it's a very eery feeling. There is so much water yet to come and where it goes, only God knows. According to the lastest maps, my house is out of danger of direct water impact but we are bracing for water tables levels to rise and get into the basement. We are also bracing for the unknown. Houses are now being evactuated 100 meters from us. Whose to say the water won't find it's way to us. There are so many variables...more snow in Montana, weather here and if the dam can hold that much pressure. There are so many unknowns. Even with all the calculations, we are expecting the worst. Therefore, my house is in shambles. Everything from downstairs is upstairs somewhere. My hubby, bless his heart, is obsessed with this whole thing and keeps me working on stuff from morning til night. I am tired. I am trying to be positive but it's very hard. And it's taking it's toll on the kids too. We had to cancel our hills vacation and the half marathon because of all of this and they are bummed. I feel like they have been neglected since we are working on moving and I feel incredibly guilty. Brody said how this is the worst summer ever. He is right. We have done nothing fun yet.

So the week continues and I keep praying. I have so many things all bottled up inside me, I'm afraid how they will come out one of these days. I did go for a couple of runs to relieve some stress and it worked for awhile. I just need to keep running, I guess. I hate missing the half marathon. But maybe all of this will just make me a stronger person. We shall see what the plan is. I can only hope this situation will end soon and life can back to normal again...for everyone involved in the flood. There is nothing worse than having your home being threatened to be taken away. Prayer is the answer for now and faith. That's is truly what I am holding onto.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Seriously?! It's been that long since I've posted?! I about died when I saw Brody's confirmation pictures up. That was a month ago!! All I can say is...schew. My month of May is always so crazy busy. Dance, track, confirmation, dance, track, trips to each kids classes for end of the year awards and reading of poems, more track, more dance...then it all just comes to a screeching halt. And summer is here. I have to tell you, I am glad but the transition is a hard one for me. It takes me a few weeks to get into a whole new schedule. But I eventually do. And it eventually works out. I am hoping my appointment book starts to fill up soon. I worry every year at this time. I have learned that all I can do is my best. It may not please everyone, but my best is all I can do. And eventually the phone will start ringing, the books will fill up and my worries will be set aside.

What does my summer entail? Today it started with me planting seeds...onions, peppers, herbs and lettuce. In pots. I have so many big pots and decided this year I was going to try and do this veggie thing. I have no idea what I am doing and will be totally in shock if anything decided to poke their heads thru the dirt. We also started a landscaping project which involved borrowing a friends 4-wheeler in hopes it would pick up the thousands of pounds of rock we have in the backyard. After 2 hours and a sunburned head, my poor hubby gave in to the fact the 4-wheeler wasn't working. Just wasn't strong enough to move all that rock. So...there it sits. Little piles of rock everywhere, tarp ripped's not a pretty sight. We have this vision of planting more grass, pouring more concrete and my hubby building me a permanent gazebo (the last 2 have been destroyed in wind storms) But now its finding someone with a bigger rig that can move the rock. Until then, my hubby had this grand idea that Brody and I could shovel rock into buckets and move it. Um, okay. I agree only because I know how hard he works for us at his job and he can't do it all at night. So, I started that today too. Do you have any idea how hard of work that is? I think I may grow muscles in places I never knew I had muscles. I don't mind the work just seems endless. Please God let the Bobcat come our way soon!!!

Summer is here. Let the fun begin!! So glad I got back on here and updated...I bet you were getting tired of those pictures. Time sure flies when you're having fun...

Brody's confirmation verses that he chose: 1 Corinthians 9:25 and Psalm 55:16-17

Monday, May 02, 2011

Milestone #14,551...confirmation day. I really believe I was the only one who was teary-eyed during this service. Not sure why...maybe watching my son stating his faith and understanding what his faith means to him...maybe it was the surprise visit from my dad who wasn't sure he would be feeling up to coming but could...maybe it was seeing the looks on the kids faces when they saw grandpa...maybe it was realizing this is another event that brings me back to the reality of my son growing up...maybe it was the Bible verse Brody picked as his confirmation verse...maybe it was witnessing Jesus Christ working in his life, just like I pray for everyday.

Whatever it was, it was such a beautiful day. For Brody and for the other 15 kids he has spent every Wednesday night with for the last 3 years. Congratulations to them all and God bless each one of them.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

another one :)