Sunday, January 31, 2010

Last weeks game is still fresh on my mind...and it still makes me sad! I know, I know, it's only football. If only I wasn't such a big Vikings fan, I probably wouldn't be boycotting the Superbowl game right now. You all know Brody is the world's biggest Packer fan and honestly, I never really noticed Favre when he played for them. I thought he was a great guy when he autographed Brody's picture and mailed it back. I thought he had great morals, work ethics and I knew he was a good role model for kids.

But I never, ever knew how much passion he had for the game of football until this last season when he played for the Vikings. Especially last Sunday's game versus the Saints. It was hard for me to watch him get pummeled to the ground, time after time, and he would get back up, time after time. He got back up slower and slower as the game progressed but he never quit. He never quit. I have so much respect for Favre and how he plays his heart out. Not because he makes millions of dollars a year, not because he's famous, not because he has to...but because he truly loves the game.

A couple of days ago, I read that a Saints player is being fined $20,000 for a low hit on Favre that injured his ankle. There was never a flag thrown on that play, which later was brought out that it should have been a 15 yard penalty which in turn would have brought the Vikes into field goal range for a win. It makes me sad to know how close they were to getting to the Superbowl! I can't believe how bummed out I was. We were all so pumped for this game, tons of food, friends and cheers. And it ended by a player playing dirty football. But it was good for people, including the kids, to see how amazing of an athlete Favre really is. I never would have known it either if it weren't for their loss.

So now all of us Viking fans have to wait for yet another year to see if Favre comes back and if they can ever make it to the Superbowl. I'm still not excited about next week's Superbowl...don't know if I can look forward to the game. Just yet. I'm still in mourning! But I'll still wear my Adrian Peterson jersey with pride and keep cheering 'em on. And cheering 'em on and on and on.....

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Brody is still in basketball season. It's a long one...mid-November thru February. He has practiced every single day, either after school until 5:30 or at 6:15 in the morning before school. And with all this practice, you can sure tell. He has become quite the player. He loves the trips to the away games, riding on the bus, getting out of school early. These pictures are from a home game against Mitchell. It's so fun watching him play. He's not the tallest player by any means but he's quick and makes smart decisions during the game. I love going to the games. It's one of my most favorite things to do. I love to watch him play. I love cheering him on. I can see him getting nervous and my heart feels for him. I'm just so dang proud of Brody. I'm proud of how he is balancing his schoolwork and confirmation with all the practices and games. He may not play in the NBA someday or even college, but this is making him grow in so many, many ways. So I'll keep cheering him on from the bleachers and loving every minute of it! Go Bucks!

I turned 39 years old last week. It wasn't as graceful as hoped. I smiled on the outside and cringed on the inside...i'm so close to 40! This is the last year of my 30's so I have decided to make the most of it. I'm going to run that marathon, or at least walk/run. I've registered for my usual half marathons and 5K's. I'm going to go to Vegas. I'm going to tile my kitchen. I'm going to be content with what life has given me up to this point. Which is happiness. And love. And friends. I'm going to be the best 39 year old DeAnn I can be since this is the last chance I have while still being "30-something." Next year I'll be in a whole new chapter of life. Middle age. One good thing, I'll move up to the next age bracket in road races. So I won't be competing against 30 year olds! Big difference between 30 and 39 when it comes to running. My Brody was sweet enough to take some new pictures of me so I can get new business cards. I noticed a few more wrinkles, more gray hairs to cover up. But I'm 39 and there is nothing i can do about it but accept it with grace. And confidence.
Ugh...not going to happen today. May take a little time to grasp the acceptance thing. I sure like saying 29 better!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I guess with 3 snow days in a row, what else are ya gonna do except make the most of it?! Once the temp got above zero, I sent the kiddos out to wear off some serious cabin fever. It worked and everyone was much happier after some serious tunnels were built!

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Here's some sparkle to brighten your days...kind of reminds me of warm, sunshine-y days! Christmas present from grandma and grandpa that we finally got to have last week. I was so happy to spend time with them, it was truly the best. I just can't believe how cold it's going to it possible to get to 30 below zero? I always thought it couldn't snow if it got that cold. I guess that theory is out the window! I really don't mind snow, I just don't like the cold. I can't run outside, I can't get warm and did I mention I can't run outside? I have become best friends with the treadmill and it's not a good relationship. But we'll survive, just like we always do in South Dakota.
So i'm sending warm hugs to my peeps in ya guys, you keep me going and you're my sunshine!!