Monday, September 24, 2007

My 5-yr. old baby girl says to me,"Do you know there is a little man that lives in the oven? Yep, he does. He's a little green man and he looks over the food and when it's done, he makes the buzzer ring."


"There's a little man in the micowave too. Except he's red."

And that was the end of the story about the little men that tell me when the food is cooked. :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Paradise City.

This will mean more at the end of this blog. Race day was over a week ago already. Here's my rambling thoughts, mile by mile.

Mile 1: I can't believe how many people are here. This is awesome. I wonder where Rachel is? I'm glad we got to ride the shuttle bus to the starting line. I must get together with her again this fall.

Mile 2: Wow, I feel so good. The weather is perfect and people keep passing me. I wonder where all the Yankton folks are?

Mile 3: I feel like I am going really fast but my watch says I'm okay. Water break up ahead. I think I'll pass that one. Why does my nose run when I run? Kinda embarrasing to have snot all over my face. Hey, I think I know that person from high school...

Mile 4: Okay this is cool. Augustana Viking football players standing in a row cheering us on. That's so neat for them to get up so early to do that. Thank you. Too bad they can't hear me. More football players. They're from USF. Thank you too. Hope they didn't notice my snotty nose.

Mile 5: I really feel like I'm going fast. Oh my gosh, my watch says I did a 7 minute mile. Slow down, I'll won't make it to the end at that pace. Must have been those football players...

Mile 6: I am feeling really, really good. Totally in control. I am sure glad I have my ipod music. This song reminds me of my youngest daughter, she loves to sing this one. Oh I hope they are having fun swimming with grandma. The halfway clock just clocked me at 52 minutes. That means if I keep this pace, I can break my goal of 2 hours! Keep going, just keep going.

Mile 7: I think I know that person too. Wow, these trails are really pretty. I am so glad I got to meet Rani and Bobbi in person. They are such great people. I wonder what they are doing right now? Thank you God for all you do for me and for bringing me to where I am today. Oh this song reminds me of my other daughter! She can sing really loud and I love it. Still feeling good, still feeling good. Sure could use some Gatorade, water is making me feel nausous.

Mile 8: Now I really could use some Gatorade. I wonder how the kiddos are doing at the pool. The hotel was a great idea, we had a blast. I wonder how bh is going in the mountains. I'm sure he is wondering why I didn't answer the phone last night. Too tired, honey, too tired. That pasta buffet with my dad must have worked because I'm still feeling pretty good. Don't check my watch anymore. This song reminds me of my son. He is getting to be such a big boy. I hope he will still let me hug and kiss him before he doesn't want that anymore.
My legs are starting to tighten up, that's never happened before. ugh.

Mile 9: I think I am feeling some cramping in my lower calfs. That doesn't feel good at all. Maybe those carbs from last night are wearing off. I can't stop now or I'll never be able to get going again. So just keep going. Like my bh says, work through the pain, work through the pain. Keep going keep going. Now that guy is really happy. He must run these all the time. Like Carey, I wonder how that girl has such a little butt. Okay God, I really need that Gatorade now. Please don't let it be just water. Ick. Oh thank you. Powerade pit up ahead. How do people drink while they run? Mine ends up all over my face. Oh well, at this point, who's looking?

Mile 10: That last mile must have been measured wrong. That took forever. This must be the point where I hit the wall. I read if you do just keep running and you'll get through it. I can do it. My legs aren't that bad. The tightening feeling seems to be getting worse. Hmmmm, wonder why that is happening. Only a few more miles. I sure feel like prayers are being said for me right now. I'm so blessed to have such amazing people in my life. Man, now that would be a perfect photographic background. This mile is longer than the last. I think they need to measure again.

Mile 11: I think i'm past the wall. Whew. That was rough. Thank god for my music. I wonder where the song Paradise City is? I still love that song. Makes me feel old but I love it. That's funny, in between Newsboys, Switchfoot, 3rd Day and Mercy Me, there's this old Guns N Roses song. If that would just pop up, that would get me going. Wow, I think I am going to break my goal! This is so exciting. Keep running, keep running. Where is Rachel?

Mile 12: It's my song, Paradise City. I feel the adrenaline creeping through my body. My pace picks up a bit. One mile. I think it's so great how all these people are out here cheering us on. Complete strangers. I wish they knew how much I appreciate it. My cramping legs hurt but I must concentrate on the song. I can't wait to see my dad at the finish line. I sure love him. I must have the greatest dad ever. Everything good in me comes from him. One mile left, one mile left...

Mile 13: I'm turning the corner now. Oh thank you God, for getting me through the wall. The people are all over the place clapping, ringing bells. My song is up probably too loud but I don't care. I am totally pumped up and feeling good, except for those darn cramps. Where's my dad? Where is he? There he is! Hey dad, over here!! I go even faster, smile and cross the finish line in my personal best time of 1:53:45. I can't believe it. I really can't believe i did it.

After the race, I limped to the massage therapy tent for some professional treatment. My dad looked worried but soon the legs were fine again. Sore but fine. I am convinced the only reason I broke the 2 hour mark was because of my friends, my family, my blog family, my God and of course...good 'ol Paradise City!

Friday, September 07, 2007

Well, the husband is probably sleeping with the wildlife somewhere in the mountains of Colorado. So with him gone, the kids and I are heading to Sioux Falls tomorrow. After my son's soccer game, we'll be staying in a suite, complete with pool and hot tub. Oohh how the kids are excited. it's kind of like a weekend with just mom. And grandma and grandpa too. The big race is Sunday morning. It's what I've been running around town like a crazy woman for the past 6 months for. I'm excited for it and I can't wait to see all the other people there, including the 14 others from Yankton.

So I know I've said before that I totally am in God-mode when I run. And the other day, while I was running, I realized how blessed I am for this whole blog thing and how many awesome people I have met through this. There are so many times when I read your blogs and don't always get to comment but I just want you to know, that so many of your stories, your advice, your experiences, have totally made such a difference in my life! Know that when I am in the zone of running 13.1 miles, i will be thinking of YOU and YOU will get me to the finish line!! :))

Thursday, September 06, 2007

It's that time of year again. My hunter-husband just left for Colorado in search of the biggest elk in the mountains. He went with his hunting buddy and hopefully will find their way through the rugged terrain, meet up with their guide and begin the quest. I'm glad the day is here. He's been waiting a long time for this one. Now I just hope he doesn't come home next week empy handed.

Good luck, my mountain man, bring home the big one.

Monday, September 03, 2007

It's been a crazy week, explaining why my blog is a little outdated. Here was my week in a nutshell...

2 lunch dates with friends

4 football practices

3 soccer practices

1 lunch date with husband

1 wedding shoot

2 wedding consultations

3 family shoots

1 senior shoot

2 photo shoots from previous week to deliver

5 days of school

3 kids to get ready in the morning for those 5 days of school

1 word of the week project due for 2nd grader

6 math problems to help solve for 5th grader

1 school carnival

1 Yankton Bucks football game

1 grill out at friends new house

1 tree stand to help assemble

1 yard to mow

1 yard to mow again

1 Jeep to wash

3 games of Monopoly

2 games of playing makeover

25 miles of running

1,000 prayers of thanks for our happy, busy life!