Wednesday, April 29, 2009

another athleta magazine in the mail today...i may have started something here. a new magazine a week, just to tempt me. maybe it was the number of items from the first order?! now those athleta marketing people have me on their list, thinking they'll get me to order everytime.

bad thing is, they're probably right. pretty smart marketing move!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

this is the time of year where we have a practice, rehearsal, game, dancing for the old's something every night. so, i am squeezing in a quick post to let you know i am still here. exciting news to share:

brody and i ran in a 5K this last Saturday, his first one. it was such a great time doing a race with him. we started together, and i didn't see him again until i was at the turn around point. i finished and waited for him at the finish line. finally, he came around the corner. i cheered him on til he crossed the line. he was so proud, ran the entire race without stopping. he ended up medaling in his age group...30:02. and i ended up medaling for 1st in female overall, 23:16. honestly, that was one of the best races i have run. it was cool being the first girl to come in, with 3 guys ahead of me. i think having him there was my inspiration. brody's ready for another one. i think i may have created another race fanatic.


Friday, April 17, 2009

Alright...who went and put me on the mailing list to Athleta? I've never gotten the magazine before but it came today, tempting me with almost everything in it!!!

Thursday, April 09, 2009

It's been a long week. Finally, Easter break has begun. The holiday has a bit of a damper this year...our church and preschool burned Saturday. It's pretty much a total loss. I've been spending the last 3 days helping along with numerous friends in helping to relocate the school. It's so sad. Everything is just gone. But with generous donations, things are going to keep rolling for the preschool. And for the 85 kids that go there. We've been cleaning the building someone has let us use but it's been vacant for a year. Lots of cleaning and repainting. And redoing everything. So we found out yesterday that someone started this fire on purpose. On purpose. Someone is out there thinking it's funny to burn down a place where kids and families spend a great part of their life. My kids are sad. Brody doesn't want the church to change at all when they rebuild. Madison cried.

But there are signs of hope. Like the eternity candle that never extinguished. The kids' artwork that covered the hallways is curled and black, but still hanging on the wall. So Easter will be different this year. But not forgotten. Just more appreciated. They're going gut the church and rebuild it. It will be months before we're back. But all 1200 of us families will be back. I just hope they catch the people that did this. And soon.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

So I went to get the oil changed in the ol' jeepster and the guy started telling me afterwards that there's a bit of corrosion starting on the battery. "nothing major," he says, "just put a little baking soda on it or a can of Coke will eat 'er up in seconds."

I gulped.

I drink a Coke everyday. Have been for as long as can remember. I couldn't help but think, "omg, what do you think it's doing to my insides then? how can something I live for everyday dissolve something as gross as corrosion on a car battery? That can't be good."

The thought crossed my mind that maybe I should change my habit. That thought lasted a mili-second. I figured, maybe that's why I never get stomach aches...the Coke is kicking all the icky stuff away!! I'm not giving it up. Not yet anyway. It's my one little treat everyday. Remember I experience a minor anxiety attack if there just happens to be no Coke in the fridge, which isn't often.

So I went to the pop machine, got my 50-cent ice cold Coke, went home and enjoyed every drop.

Corrosion, schmosion...