Monday, March 29, 2010

We're back to reality! Actually have been for about a week now...but it took awhile for it to set in. St. Petersburg, Florida was amazing! We had such a fantastic time. The weather turned out perfect...all sun, 77 degrees, no wind, which meant for some serious tan lines. We ate pounds of seafood, drank a couple of bottles of wine, saw two dolphins, lots of parasailors, became buddies with the cabana boy, laughed like crazy at the Coconut Comedy Club, ran a few miles down the streets of St. Petersburg with Heidi, basked in the sun alllll dayyyy lonnnnggg, found that Corona and wine stayed cold in the white sand, relaxed relaxed relaxed, got dunked in the ocean which was still a tad cold, enjoyed each others friendship and cherished the moments with my husband. It was paradise. This was the first time in my life I have seen a palm tree...I took lots of pictures of them. Our resort was perfect and I seriously have never come across so many friendly, paid back people. They were all so..well..happy! We figured it was because they had this awesome weather all year round. I mean, who wouldn't be happy at a place like this! We decided we are going back..and soon. Plans were being made before we even left for home! We missed the kids though and were happy to get back home to them. The girls brought their seashells I collected for them to school for show 'n tell. They had a great time with my mom. And she loved being in that "mom" role again for a week...taking them to school, making them supper, making sure they read for 15 minutes before bed, etc.

So, the laundry is finally caught up again, things are back to normal and we have these awesome memories we'll cherish forever. Ahhhh....

Monday, March 15, 2010

Vacation time is almost here...1 more day and we're headed south. To Florida. For some fun, relaxation and just to get reacquainted with the sunshine! We're going with another couple whom we have been friends with for 15 years. They are the first people we met when we moved here. Their kids and our kids have been friends for just as long. I'm so excited to get away and enjoy quality time with my hubby and friends. And possibly a few dolphins. Wish us luck in the adventure and pray that our travel is safe and sound. I can't wait to share the photos when we get back...see you next week!