Friday, August 28, 2009

All summer long, I have been searching for a coffee table. You'd think it would be easy to find but I've never found one I fell in love with. I almost just settled a couple of times but held off. They say there's a reason for everything and I believe that...even when it comes to something as simple as coffee tables. It was Riverboat Days here last weekend and we were all strolling through the park when this particular booth caught my eye. I beelined myself through 100,000 other people to catch a glimpse of this table. This was it! I grabbed my hubby who by this time was so ready to go home and he oohed and aahed over it to please me. I walked around a bit more, came back to the guy and he offered me $25.00 off if I bought it that day.
So I did. Brody helped me haul it out of the park which was no easy task by the way! Brought it home and love it. It sure will come in handy on game days for snacks and drinks. Funny how these things just fall right into your lap when you're not even looking. What do you think?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wow. So much has happened these last couple of weeks, I don't even know where to start. I don't have any bridge story or any great recipes to share or even some sweet deals to tell you about (I just read yours for all of that! :))

1. We went to the big town of Onida, SD for Seth's 20 year reunion. For a little town, they sure know how to have fun! His best buddies from Sully Buttes high school made me laugh until my stomach hurt. And until 4 a.m. Amazing how I lasted that long. That's a once in blue moon time to come rolling into Grandma Shirley's house. She didn't even hear us though. It was fun to see her again and hang with her pets. She talked my ear off Friday night until 2 a.m. Needless to say, not much sleep was happening with me or Seth. Saturday I rolled out of bed at 7, tired and headed to a little 5K race happening in town. I ended up beating my last PR and finished in 21:42...don't know how that occurred although it may have had something to do with knowing after I was done, I could go back and take a nap. At any rate, I got first place, a medal, a shirt and got to know some Onida folk.

2. My busy season with pictures is in full swing. The senior market has really taken off for me which is good. I love taking senior pictures. The kids are great and we have such a good time. So amongst seniors, I have some families and children pics. thrown in and it all comes down to very careful planning. I plan shoots around my kid's activities, Seth's schedule, my own schedule and somehow, we manage to make everything work. I am surprised at how much business I am getting and it makes me feel happy!! I just don't get as much sleep this time of year!

3. Even with my booming business, it does slow down. Especially when school starts. There are no appointments during a school day typically. And things really taper off in Jan, Feb, Mar before picking up again. I decided to accept a job in the school district as a paraprofessional, a.k.a. teacher assistant. Same school hours as my kids, same vacations, summers off...perfect scenario. What a perfect way to fill those days surrounded by friends, get paid, still get to be with my kids and do my business. I'm excited to go to school with my kids!!!

4. Brody got all checked in for 7th grade, found his locker, got it open so life is good for him. My girls find out their teachers next Tuesday. I think everyone is pretty much ready to go back. Then tackle football starts, confirmation at church begins, a new dance schedule kicks in and I've got another half-marathon coming up.

5. Life is busy and full but I realize how blessed I am to have this life. Brody was really nervous about school coming up with all the homework, etc. he'll have. I told him to take one day at a time....don't think about 3 months from now or even next week. Look at today, do what you need to do today giving it all 100%. Then he won't feel so overwhelmed. It's a lesson I learned the hard way but it sure works for me. I hope I gave him good advice.

6. God is good. Very, very good.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

In the middle of senior's a taste of the class of 2010...

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

my dad loves his flowers...these are pics from his backyard. beautiful. last week, we got to celebrate my dad's retirement from banking! it was a great event with a couple hundred people atttending and wishing him well. what is even more amazing, is my dad retired on his 50 year aniversary of being in the banking business. wow. it's such an accomplishment, he got a big award in rapid city for it and received a travel voucher to vacation anywhere he wants to go. i'm so proud of him. he started banking when he was 18 years old and worked so hard to support his family. he had a very successful career. he was ready to retire a few years ago but had a hard time letting it go. i mean, after 50 years, it's not like he just wanted to give it all up! but finally, he decided it was time. so there was a big party in his honor. i actually got to see people from my childhood. even my cousins whom i haven't seen in 5 years. it turned out to be a great night. now he'll have more time to spend with his flowers, more time to golf, more time to travel and more time to just be. God has blessed him and he knows it. he never takes it for granted. way to go, dad. you're my hero!