Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A few shots of this awesome military dad and his boys...they speak a thousand words. Dad even gave me the American flag he brought along to use. Truly something I will always treasure.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Need some help...trying to come up with a creative idea. The scenario is this:

*2 little boys all dressed up in the army fatigues along with dad who has been to Iraq twice now. I am going to be doing some inside and outside. I LOVE this idea and have a few ideas to do but would love to have that "wow" factor.

Any advice/ideas??

I have no really cool pictures to post except for my post-race photo. This was the only green I could come up with! I had such a great Saturday though! Finally the weather cooperated and we were able to get to Sioux Falls for some family time. I ran the St. Patty's Day 5K in the cold and wind and won my age group! Even better was placing 3rd overall. I have never run this well before in this race. I keep thinking if the wind weren't blowing, I would've really beat my PR. The race was huge, about 800 people. It was a lot of fun seeing everyone dressed in green...and all bundled up at the same time. My hubby came to cheer me on and I think it worked. I love having him there. The kids opted to stay with my dad since the weather was a bit chilly. We joined up with my dad after the race and had the best time with him. This will be the last time I see him before his surgery on Thursday so it was hard to say goodbye. It wasn't a goodbye persay, just a see ya later. I'll be back this weekend to visit him and help him recover.

Then we headed across the city to my mom's. She was more than excited to see us! She offered to take the kids to supper and Seth and I could go out to eat on our own. Thanks Mom! Red Lobster it was! Mmmmm...it was good and we got to talk without any interruptions. Perfect date night. Got home late and was so thankful for the day. So blessed for family. Blessed.