Monday, August 30, 2010

First day of school pics finally up! Madison started 5th grade, Emerson started 3rd grade and Brody started 8th grade. Kudos to Brody for posing for me...he think he's getting a bit too old for these first day of school pictures. You can never get too old for them, right? The last picture is from a few weeks ago when my brother and his family were here from chicago...we celebrated my dad's 70th bday...he's in the red shirt and to me, looks fabulous! We had such a great time together. These get togethers are only once, maybe twice a year so it's always very special. My dad teared up a little. He called it a gem of a day. We all spent time at the lake, Wild Water West in SF and just being together for 3 whole days. The kids had a blast, especially the girlies...for not seeing each other very often, these cousins pack in so much, it's like no time has passed. Morgan was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes when she was 2 years old and is such a trooper with it. She teaches my girls all about her disease and how she has to check her blood quite often. It's good for my kids to see that even with diabetes, she can eat and do everything they do. It's so wonderful how she inspires us. I love it. I love getting to see them. My brother is the coolest guy ever. He's the goods. We already are looking forward to next summer and our next visit. Sure wished they lived closer. But chicago is always a fun place to get to go visit! Hope all is going well...a new month is around the corner!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

My return to blogging has been loooonnnggg overdue! I don't even know what to say at this point! Business is crazy busy, school is back in session as of today and Riverboat Days is this weekend which means a 5K for Brody and I, 2 dance recitals for the girls and lots of fabulous food that is not at all good for you for Seth and I. It will be a great weekend. Marathon training is creeping right along and I squeeze in those long runs every chance I get. Sometimes it's in the dark, in the humidity and with a million bugs but I get it done. I swear once Oct. 10 is over, I'm going to give my poor knees a break and do something a bit more gentle on the ol' joints.

My big bro' and his family were here two weekends ago and it was an awesome visit! We hit the beach more than once, celebrated my dad's 70th birthday and dodged the big storm that closed a couple of campgrounds. It's been a whirlwind.

The kids started school today and it always makes me a bit see them growing up. How time flies. To say out loud that I have an 8th grader makes my stomach turn. There are times where if I am not looking at his face, I may not think it's him talking because his voice just keeps getting lower and lower! Standing on flat feet he can stare directly into my eyes. Only a couple of more inches and I'll be peering UP at him! My Madison is in her last year of elementary school...sniff sniff! And Emerson in bringing up the rear and started 3rd grade. Thank God i have those little girls to still have in elementary school. Now talk to me next year at this time and I won't be quite so cheery...Brody will start high school and Madison will start middle school on the same day. I don't think about that right now so I will change the subject....

I also started my school day job at my elementary school. I have the same position, a paraprofessional, and LOVE it! I love the teachers...we have our little family in our school. It fits in perfectly with running my business and still being with my kids. There is nothing better than working school hours! I am a bit more stressed once I go back to school as this is my busy time of year for seniors. But once pics start slowing down in November, then I have school to keep me busy. Then school gets out and my business picks up again.

Life is good right now. I like being at this point in my life. The kids are at a really cool age and I am so content with how my career path is heading. I am finally just content. And it only took 39 years to get to this point. There is something to be said for FAITH isn't there?!

So my return to blogging has not created the most interesting post and I apologize for the lack of creativity. But if I haven't said it lately, I think about you bloggirls everyday!!!

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

I have been swamped with photo appts which explains my lack of blogging! Lots of seniors and families! Business has been great, I'm blessed! And then throw in this crazy training for the marathon, my time seems to always be cut short. However, I did manage to bring my kids to a new location for some test shots...kudos to Brody for agreeing without too much bribing! He even took the camera and took some shots himself. I think he may be enjoying the photography thing more than he would admit! They all did a fantabulous job at doing this for mom. So the one where they are not smiling? It was their idea! Ya don't think they get their picture taken alot do you?! Anyway, got some new shots for my studio.
Big news? My brother and his family from Chicago are coming this weekend! I am so excited to see them. This comes only once a year so we soak it in every chance we get. They have 2 boys, 16 and 13 and Morgan is 10. The kids will be glued to each other the entire time. It's funny how it seems like no time has passed when we get together. Last year we were racing down waterslides together at the Dells. This year will be a bit more calm but so fun. Lots of pics will be taken of course!
Happy day to you!! :)