Thursday, February 28, 2008

Got my shirt today for the Mile-A-Day Challenge...I'm happy to say after 2 months, I'm still in.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

the last week has been a flurry of activity...

2 dance classes

2 basketball practices

1 washer and dryer bought

1 cabin rented

1 trip to Sioux Falls to see mom and dad

4 stores visited

3 new pairs of shoes

1 new swimsuit

3 photo appointments

3 kids who needed help with homework

24 cookies baked

1 visit from the tooth fairy

1 birthday party attended

1 lunch with great friends

12 roses smelled

2 Charlie's Pizzas devoured

15 miles ran

Hundreds of prayers said

1 mommy ready for bed...

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My husband and I are planning our summer vacations...already. Yes, the winter has taken its toll and we're more than ready for warm sun. But since there is quite a bit of the cold, wintry stufff left, I think it makes us both feel better to plan for June/July. So we're online looking for cabins in the Black Hills to book...and it's hard! There are so many and most of them, I don't know whether to trust the pictures or not. Is it really that nice or is it just the photo? It's kind of a frustrating feat. We need something in between Deadwood and Mt. Rushmore for all the touristy stuff. So i'm opening up this blog space for any suggestions/ideas for great cabins for a family of 5. You may just help us narrow this search down a bit and then we'll really feel like summer is on the way!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Haven't published much about Ridge in a long time. He's 2 years old now. I'm surprised he is still with us...last summer was filled with chasing him around the neighborhood, trying to teach him to stay in our yard. I was close two times to giving him away to some family that lives in the country. But over the last few months, he has finally accepted the fact that he doesn't own the house, the Weimeriner down the street doesn't want to be his friend and he has rules to follow, just like the kids. He is becoming a really good family dog, runs with me and loves to hunt those birds.

I just wish that big head wasn't soooo stubborn...

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I just found out yesterday that girls weekend is set for April. I marked my calendar and labeled it "mom's weekend away." I was thinking after I wrote that how much I really don't get to "shop" anymore. Really if it weren't for these weekends, I probably wouldn't get to a mall without kids/husband ever. My shopping abilities have been on the decline over the years. I don't even know what the latest trends are. When I was younger, I could spend hours at the mall, trying on clothes, matching shoes and jewelry. I loved planning my outfits for the next day. But now, i'm just lucky to find a shirt and pants that match. I just don't have the time to seriously shop. If I do get to clothing store, I'm always on a time limit..."only have 15 minutes before so and so needs to be picked up". so I end up cruising through, picking up the first black shirt I can find, then putting it back because I always feel like I wear too much black. Then I'm discouraged because I just wasted that precious time and came home with nothing. I really need to get away from black but I can't. I have recently found brown to be a nice color. too bad I can't pair the two up. Then I'd have a wardrobe. I don't even know what looks good on me. Last year, Carey was my deciding factor on some outfits...thank God for her. Lately, believe it or not, I have relied on my husband. He can give it to me straight on what looks good and what maybe needs to be sent back. So I am hoping someday my shopping abilities will come back and I can look like I belong in this century. Please someone send me to "What Not To Wear"!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

My girls.
Sometimes I wonder what life will be like with them when they get into those teenage years. Because right now, they are just not clicking. Up until about a month ago, life was peachy for them. They played together, daughter 2 did whatever daughter 1 did, etc. They share a room with daughter 1 having the bigger bed. So we often find daughter 2 soundly asleep with her big sister in her bed. It's quite cute. But lately, well...the drama has begun. Drama and girls go together I think. Daughter 1 is very dramatic and the littlest things will get her going. Daughter 2 knows these buttons and pushes them from the minute I pick them up from school. they end up both getting into trouble. Lately, I have had to have them play in separate areas of the house. Things are nice quiet then. Seems to work so far.
It still makes me laugh though because they could be tattling on each other, picking on each other 'til bedtime....and I still find the little one sneaking into the older one's bed to sleep. They love each other even through all the drama.
I got a call from my brother last week and I knew there was something wrong by the sound of his voice. He told me he had a brutal week. I couldn't imagine what would cause him to have a shaky voice, a quiet demeanor. He told me the story that I have been reading about all week. has stories, reports and pictures of Randy Salerno, an anchor for the station and a great friend and neighbor of my brother, Brian. They had planned a snowmobiling trip for weeks, taking a small plane to Wisconsin for a weekend of trail running. Brian said the first night they were, he was behind Randy and another guy. He said the driver was going way too fast, missed a turn and crashed. Brian was the first one on the scene. He said he pulled off Randy's helmet, began CPR. It was late, dark, in the middle of nowhere but my brother said it was too late. His chest hit the tree and there was nothing anyone could do. Now the driver of the Snowmobile has been charged in his death because he had been drinking. This guy was a lifelong friend of Randy's and my brother said he is devastated beyond anything you would ever see. I asked Brian how he was doing. It's been brutal, he said. he can't sleep. When he does, dreams and flashbacks wake him up. He can't focus. He is struggling and my heart just sank. A weekend of fun turned into a tragedy that he can't even describe. Brian wanted me to read up on Randy Salerno, the accident and just pray for everyone involved. So that's what I did. I googled it and it wasn't hard to find. It's been on my mind all weekend.

I'm passing the story onto you for your prayers for a family that you may not know. But I truly think all prayers help, even when they are for strangers. and please pray for Brian, my brother. Pray that he can find peace and comfort. Pray that he can find the reasons behind this tragic accident.

I realize more and more everyday how short of time we have on this earth. I told Brian I loved him, which I haven't told him in awhile. It's one of those things that we assume they know but the words aren't said. I am worried for him becuase I know he is taking this very hard and really doesn't know how to overcome it. Thank you for your prayers. They all mean a lot and I know in time, they will be answered.