Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I was talking to a high school guy at my church a couple of weeks back and he was telling me how his girlfriend wrote to Eli Manning of the New York Giants for a project in school. He ended up sending her back an autograph and a team photo. Wow, I thought that is really cool. Wouldn't that be neat for Brody if he could get something from the Packers?
The thought stuck with me for awhile until I finally did some investigating. Sure enough, on the Packers website, there is an address specifically for Brett Favre. It says he signs autographs, mostly on the offseason. I started getting a little excited now. Hmmmmm, I really want to try this out. My son's birthday is in April. What a great present, huh?!
My hubby and I talked about what to send for a possible autograph. I mean, we may not get it back. Hey, what about a picture of my son in his room that he decorated mostly himself?! This is one of the pictures. It's not his favorite because he says you can't see his Packer lamp but it's good enough for what I need. The kicker is my son has no idea what this picture is for. I thought just in case Favre doesn't send anything back, he won't be heartbroken. So he just thinks I took this picture for the scrapbook. Little does he know, an 8x10 is going in the mail this week. I don't have my hopes up but it would be cool for an autograph. So we'll see what happens.
Cheeshead or no cheesehead, I'll be praying for one awesome birthday present for the little man.

Monday, January 28, 2008

I'm copying Bobbi and her new appliances. I have been wanting a new washer/dryer...you know the new front loader style with all the bells and whistles. After researching them on the internet, I'm ready to go out and shop for them in person. We decided now is the perfect time to invest in a set since this is the point of my life where we have the most laundry. I mean, it never ends. Never. So, I'm excited to check them out. I've discovered you can even get them in colors.

I wonder how sage green would look? Wish me luck.
the funk has left the building. and i have you to thank! you were right...all it took was a little sunshine and a little God-time.

speaking of sunshine, this weekend weather was awesome. got some good running in and decided to go for it and register for the Deadwood half marathon. are you with me carey?? hope so. we are planning a family vacation around the whole event and it will be something we'll all look forward too. at least we'll know it won't be 20 below zero.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I'm in a funk. A funkity, funkity funk, funk, funk. Must the weather. Or maybe it's just being irritable. Either way, I hope the funk ends soon.

Any suggestions?

Monday, January 21, 2008

Well, my son's team put up a good effort but fell short of making it to the SuperBowl. After dressing up his sisters in Packer gear, he faithfully watched the entire game. At the end, he shed a few tears for his team but took it well. I think he felt the agony of defeat last night. But win or lose, he still loves his Packers and Brett Favre. He's a devoted fan. So now he says he'll look forward to next year. I guess we can just watch the SuperBowl and actually enjoy it now that none of "our" teams are playing for the title. I'm kind of glad. These games can get rather stressful!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

I'm in the Mile-A-Day Challenge again for 2008. The rules have changed this year and treadmills are included. So, I sent in my fees and hopefully can make it to the end of the year. It's a long ways off but the challenge will be...well....challenging. So far I am still in. I even braved the cold today, bundled up and went on a run outside basically because I was too lazy to drive into town to the fitness center. I ran until my fingertips started tingling. That warm fitness center seemed appealing about then. What was I thinking. My under armour did it's job pretty will though. And I got my miles in. So the challenge is on. We'll see how far it goes.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

My ramblings for the day.....

Finally. We're home from a chilly morning filled with basketball camp and dance class. A grocery store and movie gallery stop were also fit in before settling in for the day. My son is anxiously awaiting his teams pursuit to the SuperBowl tomorrow afternoon. He can't wait. For his sake, I'll be cheering on Brett Favre and the Packers. Maybe even sporting a cheesehead. My son has been playing basketball since november and has been asked to be on a traveling team where they go from tournament to tournament, playing other cities, towns and schools. It will make our schedule a bit more packed, forcing me to be extremely time efficient and organized. I love watching him play. He has this energy when he plays that is contagious. I think really neat. Today, his camp performs at the Mount Marty College basketball game. Another trip in to the cold but worth it.

Yesterday was my birthday. 37 years young. My husband graced me with a gift certificate for a massage...or a facial....or a pedicure. Whatever I like. I don't know what I'll choose. I love being pampered like that. It will be a nice treat. We went out for supper, to a movie and had some nice time together. A perfect way to celebrate a birthday.

I picked up my son from basketball practice yesterday and he proceeds to tell me about how his class was split up boys from the girls. They had the class on puberty. What? My boy was learning about what happens when he grows up? He kept talking, I was listening but my mind was bouncing around to can this talk really be happening? I kept thinking, man it seems like just yesterday I was trying to get him potty trained. Now he's got this sample of deoderant and telling me about how his voice will change and hair is going to start growing everywhere. I smiled and said, yep that's what happens as your body starts changing. My mind was still thinking, oh my gosh, I can't believe we are having this conversation. This morning, I smelled a smell of after shave. I laughed to myself as I realized my son was using his sample of deoderant. He was paying attention during the puberty talk! He's growing up, it's me that has to get used to it!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I'm still here, just a tad behind on everything, including blogs and blogging. Be back with ya later. Is there a way more hours can be put into a day?!?


Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Okay so this is the difference between boys and girls.....


A girl can never have enough shoes, right?! I had my girls clean their closet today because of, well, all their shoes. They even tried hanging up their clean clothes which sort of worked. The top rack was a bit too tall so some just got hung over the bottom rack. They matched up their shoes and I was a bit shocked to see just how many pairs they have. My hubby really wonders if it's necessary for little girls to have 15 pairs of black shoes. Well, yes it is, I told him. Us girls love our shoes.

And then there's my 10 1/2 year old son whose only shoes he really cares about are his high tops for basketball and his new Green Bay Packer shoes he got for Christmas. He really has a strong dislike for either of his Doc Martens and the hiking boots I scored for him at Cabelas. No matter how hard I try, he wears the same shoes day after day. So that's what we go through every morning...the girls spend 10 min. trying to find shoes while my son spends 10 min. polishing up his GB shoes.

Gotta love those shoes.

Two exciting things for these two kiddos...
Kiddo #1: Lost her front tooth and now has lisp! She took her tooth to school for show n tell and still has it in the bag. For some reason that only the little one can tell you, she doesn't want to part with her tooth just yet. This may not seem like a very exciting thing to blog about but you must know, I have realized that since this is my last baby in the house, every little "first" is a big deal. Because it's my "last".
Kiddo #2: We're in basketball season now. My son is practicing everyday. He won the hoop shoot for his age at his school and competed last Saturday with all the other schools in Yankton and surrounding area for the state title. He was so nervous but we were so proud. I told him on the way, whether he wins or loses this contest, he is still a winner. Getting to this point was hard. He didn't win the title but we were sitting in the stands watching him, our hearts were busting with pride. Way to go, bud.