Sunday, November 28, 2010

Just got a letter from Madison, my 5th grader, who loves school but would love it so much better if she didn't have to do 5th math. Long division and rounding decimals just isn't her thing. And honestly, it's not mine either. I feel like I'm not helping her much with her math because I turly don't understand everything either! But I try...and sometimes we both end up getting frustrated. So then I throw Brody into the mix to help her. He's our math wiz. But I am reminded that an 8th grader trying to teach his little sister math is not exactly the best idea in the world. So I feel defeated with math homework. I am not a math teacher, even to the ones whom I love most.

The letter read...

Dear Mom,

Thank you for always helping me with my homework especially my science, social studies and math projects. Thank you for skipping your work and cleaning time to study for tests, and than really means a lot to me. If you didn't help me study, I'd fail every single test.
I really hope you do know that I truly love you and thank you for making me successful in school. That means a whole bunch.
Mom thanks so much for everything you had done with me to and help me through my school years.

Love, Madison

I now have a whole new outlook on helping her with homework, especially math.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Running races with of my most favorite things to do.
And yes, he really is almost taller than me!

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

I love those stories that aren't funny at the time but after the fact, you can look back and have a good laugh.

I have one of those. It's a doozie.

So those of you that know my hunter hubby, he is very serious about his outings. He studies moons, temps, winds, game camera pics. land, trees, dirt...for months on end. All in search of the trophy buck. Anywoo, I got into the hunting obession 2 years ago and have some luck. 1 turkey and 1 record book buck. And lots of great memories of days spent in the woods with my best friend. I love that he has given me my very own tree stand and that the one I shot by buck out of last year is named after me. After 16 1/2 years of marriage, this is very sweet.

So we have a couple of days planned every fall for the kids to be with g&g and Seth and I spend literally sunrise to sunset in tree stands, eating lunch in the tailgate of his pickup and stratigizing plans of finding deer. Two Saturdays ago was our first adventure together. Alarm clock woke us up at 5 am, I showered in my fancy shampoo that doubles as soap and has the fresh scent of trees. I pulled on my camo gear, loaded up my pack and we headed out. It takes a good 40 minutes to get the stands we were going to and we have to be settled in before the sun comes up. So we're driving along, halfway there, and Seth looks at me and says, "It's going to be a long day for you."

"Why?" I say.

"Did you bring your bow?" he said.

My stomach turned. "Um, I thought you packed it for me," (that was the only thing I could think of to say.)

Yes, my friends, I forgot my bow. That's like showing up at a road race without your running going to the airport without your baking a cake without get the idea.

I instantly thought he would never take me again, my tree stand would take a different name...

He drove into the a ditch, turned around and we headed home to get the one thing that I bow. It was a quiet drive back home. A long, silent drive. Should I apologize? Should I say a joke? My hunter hubby was surprisingly calm. Schew. He must not be too mad!

By the time we made it to our stands, the sun was up and we hurried up the tree. After 3 hours, we met back up and I was relieved to hear he had shot a doe and saw a bunch of bucks. Now I really knew he wasn't too mad at me! We hauled out his deer and I brought up how he would've never of gotten his doe if it weren't for me! Forgetting my bow ended up being a good thing!

He laughed. I laughed. We ate lunch and laughed about the whole thing. Crazy story.

We went hunting again last weekend and let me tell you, I did not forget my bow. And I still have my tree stand. And it's still named DeAnn.

Awwww....I have the bestest hubby.