Friday, August 12, 2011

Schew! I'm back! Carey emailed me asking where my blog was. I didn't know! After some investigating, I found it and it's back. I thought maybe since I hadn't been on here for so long, it just automatically deleted! I doubt that, but it is wierd :)
So, here I am staring at a blank "new post" page and have no clue what to write. I've been busy this week with photo appointments, school orientations and football meetings. I feel like I've been hit with a double daughter going to middle school and son going to high school. It's a crazy feeling. Brody has been on a strict training plan for freshman football all summer...lifting 4 days a week, running with me, and scrimmages. I'm excited for the game to begin. It's been fun watching the transformation of my young son getting muscle-y. He has a washboard stomach and biceps...and to think, only a few years ago, he had no idea what a muscle was. Girls are dancing and have a big performance next week. They have been running with me too and have tackled 3 5K's with 2 more coming up. They amaze me.
Tonight was an interesting night...while taking senior pictures of an awesome triathloner, a storm was rolling in. He wanted just a few more in the lake with his triathloner gear on. We were rushing to get his numbers on his arm when he looked at me and his mom and said, "your hair is standing on end!" His mom and I ran for the shore. Seriously, that was freaky. We laughed but still knew we had to hurry the heck up. Kip ran into the water, I snapped 10 pics in no time and boom, we were done. We said we would never forget that shoot! I'll have to post the picture when I get it edited.
Well, for not having anything to say, I sure said a lot. The flood is receeding, we are all healthy, happy and I'm thankful that my now high school son still likes to hang out with his mom. Especially on the golf course. With the way I hit, I'm surprised he comes to pick me up in the cart. Again, glad I got my blog back and glad I got to write about nothing. I forgot how much fun it was! I'll be back with something a bit more interesting. But for now, life is good.