Friday, October 30, 2009

enough of the dead turkey picture already...i know, i know. i'll be posting some new exciting pics soon as i get them taken!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

My first turkey! It was just like crossing the finish line in record time but doing it with my hubby made it even cooler. We had been out for a year now trying to get a turkey. I never had a shot. The little buggers would scare off or i would miss or we just couldn't find them. But not last weekend. We spotted a group of turkeys a LLOONNGG ways away. But Seth told me I could do it. I was determined so I got down, picked one out, waited 'til he stopped, took aim and hoped for the best! I shot it at 100 yards, one time. Seth thought I got it but told me to go see if I could find it, he wasn't for sure. So I hauled across the field, looked around and sure enough, there my turkey was under the cedar tree. I started jumping up and down, trying to get Seth's attention. "I got him, I got him" was all I could say. I picked him up and started running back to Seth. The craziest emotion came out of me...I started crying! I was so excited and thought about this day with Seth for the longest time! He hugged and hugged me and we just laughed and high fived each other! It was so amazing, being in God's land and experiencing this. Seth took some pictures, I called Brody (who was just as excited) and then we went to sit in tree stands to archery hunt for deer. No deer that time but I loved the day, absolutely loved the day. Seth has now ordered me a buck tag to go along with my doe tag. I think I may just get one this year because I have the best guide in the world. So that is my first turkey story. I will feel proud on Thanksgiving when we are eating the bird that I waited a whole year for. I still smile when I think about it...and you know what? I think Seth does too.