Monday, November 26, 2007

I think back to when I was a teenager, even when I was in my 20's, and I just can't believe how I thought I knew what life was all about. It kind of makes me cringe a little. As I sit here at 36 yrs. old, I look back and realize I knew very little about life and how every circumstance that happened throughout the years molded who I am today. I realize more and more everyday that the people I have met, the places I've been, the situations i've been through, have all been for a purpose. Little did I know that one day, this light bulb would go off and I see how everything comes twofold. My friend Karen came into my life in college. I never knew why she came into my life back then. all I know was she was great to be around and I thought she was such a good, fun person. Over the last couple of years she has come back into my life. And now I realize why.

Her path was meant to have crossed mine. I have been reading her journal, if you will, intently since she has been caring for her mom and I am convinced, her story has made my light shine. I have never met anyone like her before. I have never known anyone with her courage, strength and faith. I have never known anyone with a heart like hers. I think about her mom and how happy she much be to have Karen with her, how much peace that is giving her. I think if I had never met Karen, the light would have never gone off and I wouldn't be sitting here tonight thinking about why this friend came into my life so many years ago. God knew I needed a person like Karen and in His own sweet time, He showed me why.

I have been thinking about Karen and her mom a lot and I pray for her comfort, for these last days together to be filled with peace. The light has gone off. It's not about the clothes you wear, the square footage of your house, the car you drive, the vacations you's so much more than that. It all comes down to the life after this one on earth, where we will all be together again.

You are one amazing person, Karen and I am so grateful to have met you in college and that we can still call each other friends. I pray for you and your mom everyday.

Monday, November 19, 2007

i'm nervous to do this but I think we are going to give my son his own laptop. I just got a new laptop and wasn't quite sure what to do with the extra one. My son has convinced us having his own would be great for homework, playing his own games and he'd even let his sisters come into his room to play their games. Sounds great, but this whole idea kind of worries me at the same time. This whole internet thing in his me the shivers.

So, my bh and I set some strict rules....his door stays OPEN when on the computer, time limit searching and printing Brett Favre posters and letting his sisters play when it's their turn. And my all-time rule, no food or drink at the computer. He agreed whole-heartedly and he's such a great kid, he deserves this bit of added responsibility. So we're going to to do it. He's getting the laptop and my bh and I can enjoy our own computer without Dora popping up asking us to help get rid of Swiper.

Getting his own computer...another sign of my son growing up.

I have a special assignment for my family this year. Before we eat our Thanksgiving meal, we are going to go around the table and say what we are truly thankful for. I want this to be a serious thing so I am giving them a few days to think.

So today my youngest says, "Can we say we're thankful for clowns? Because that's not being silly because what if I really am thankful for clowns?"

I say,"Okay but try and think of something else to go with clowns."

I am really wondering what kind of can of worms I have opened with this task. I'll be interested to hear the responses. And of course, I'll fill you in.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Here was my project for the weekend. My husband loved it. Whew, I'm glad it turned out. I'm glad it's done and now we can just sit back, relax and enjoy it.

Friday, November 09, 2007

So as you know from my previous post, my hubby is out in the wilderness again. Not only is it hunting season, but it's redecorating season. For me. For some reason, when hunting season rolls around, I also get the itch to repaint, move furniture around, etc. Well it's no different this weekend. I'm kind of doing a scene from that old show "While You Were Out".

I've been wanting to redo my basement for the last few months. It's our family room, toy room and office all in one big space. Now that we have this bathroom down here, I decided this room needed a new look to match. My dilema as usual is choosing paint color. I'm terrible at it. I cannot for the life of me pick a color from an itty bitty piece of paper. I know I wanted a shade of brown.....and there are 1000 different shades. So instead of causing anxiety in my life about it, I called a girl I know who owns her own decorating business. I told her I wanted my space to feel like a den, a log cabin. She came over and told me exactly what color to use on the walls, how to move the furniture and what kind of pillows to put on the couch. Awesome. All my decisions were instantly answered for me. So tonight I started the project. 4 hours later, my walls are pretty much done. Sitting back and looking at it, I totally love it. My son was amazed at the difference. I can't wait for my husband to see it. Once I have it all the way done, it really is going to feel like you came in from the wilderness. Especially with these animal antlers on the wall. I think he'll love it. Tomorrow I'll post a photo for you to see. Yep, I think I should have been on that show. I think this will become my favorite room in the house.

Another deer...that's ours, on the left. Today mountain man left for somewhere a couple of hours away to attempt a whack at another unsuspecting deer. I seriously think at this rate, I should turn my house into a lodge. Or maybe a meat locker. Either way, my man is having a great time. Know how I can tell?
Look at the smile... :)

Thursday, November 08, 2007

The greatest joy of my business is giving people a photo they will have for the rest of their lives. Nothing is more fulfilling than to take pictures of a family before the husband and father leaves for Iraq...or the 50th wedding anniversary where all the children and grandchildren have traveled for miles to help celebrate...or the child who has never had a professional picture taken...or preserving the memories of a wedding, where there is nothing but happiness. Giving that gift to people is what makes doing what I do so cool.

But I had a different request this week that has been heavy on my heart. It's a sad request, a request that I have never given any thought to before. It came from the OB unit at our hospital and they want to bring a national service to Yankton for families who experience the greatest sadness a family could go through. They want me to be a professional photographer they call upon at the family's request to preserve memories and through those memories would help the family heal. My first thought was no way, I can't do that. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized this is the ultimate gift for someone. This would be their only treasured memory. If I say no, families would never have this precious gift. A part of me would be very sad about that. I feel like God has put this in front of me for some reason. I could give this ultimate gift to people I don't even know and they would carry that memory on for the rest of their lives. But can I handle it? Can I put myself in that position and emotionally handle it?

I have to be honest...I really feel like God is speaking to me. And it's almost strange. I feel different this week. I feel like I am supposed to do this. I feel like he is telling me to do this. I went to the website of this organization that was founded in 2005. There are 3000 photographers worldwide affliated with them. The photos are beautiful. The stories are beautiful. It made me understand these families needed this to help heal, to help keep the memory. As I was searching the site, I came across this quote...

You make a living by what you get, you make a life by what you give.

For a half hour of my time, a family could begin to heal. Please pray for me and that I make the right decision, that I do what God wants me to do. Not only for me, but for families out there that need this organization in our town.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

That's it. I'm doomed to go to any more movies. Not with dry eyes anyway. I took the kids on a date day and a movie. Hunting man is sitting in trees all weekend so the kids and I spent the afternoon together. Pizza was awesome and we all decided the movie, "Game Plan" was the one to see. We figured it had a little girl in a ballerina dress and the Rock as a football player so I was covering all the bases! The movie was great and I would recommend it to anyone. But this was a Disney movie and halfway through, my eyes start welling up with tears. Luckily I had plenty of extra napkins from the popcorn bucket to quickly wisk the tears away before the kids saw. Too late. They noticed. It seems like every movie I go to, I always end up crying. And it's not even a sad movie! Just very sweet. And it involves an 8 yr. old girl. I get so sentimental and just can't help the tears.

So I have decided that every and any movie I go to, I must bring extra napkins...some for my buttery hands and some for my tear-stained cheeks. Because it seems as I get older, my sentimental side gets stronger. I'll be waiting to see if there is a movie that DOESN'T make me cry.

Friday, November 02, 2007

I'm on a roll...

Bargain #3: This awesome featherbed I got from HSN (I really need to get to bed earlier so I don't get sucked into these deals) It came with two down pillows. I've been wanting one of these and figured what the heck, I mean it came with two pillows to boot! We put it on last night and it is like sleeping on clouds. On those cold winter nights, it will be great to snuggle up in our bed. I would have attached a photo but it would have also included my sleeping husband...didn't think that would be such a good idea. He didn't come with the bargain anyway! Now I'm off to that comfy bed for some much needed zzzzz's...sweet dreams!

Halloween 2007...a ghostly fun time had by all! Except for the youngest developing a stomach ache about half through trick or treating. I honestly was holding my breath after she said this while we were standing in the doorway of a friend of mine...the doorway of a really, really, nice house...I am accustomed to the after affects of my children saying they have a stomachache. Throwing up usually happens next. But, my girl held up strong to finish up the block. She was not about to give in. We figured it must have been too much party-ing. She never did throw up but the stomachache kind of put a damper on her night. As for the other two, this will be the last trick or treating for my oldest...he has decided he's just too old. Gosh, I didn't know you could get too old. I sported my cat attire the entire day. Maybe that's why he was a little embarrassed when I showed up at his class. ( Oops, must remember he is in 5th grade now.) My middle child loved every minute. She lead the way and memorized every candy in her bucket. Whew. I'm glad it's over and now we can move on to the next holiday. I just hope it doesn't involve candy!