Thursday, June 23, 2011

Here we are, June almost gone and it feels like our summer hasn't even started! Our water situation is getting higher by the day...our running/bike path is now underwater and the beach that we use is no longer open. It's amazing to me how much water there is down here. It's hard to describe. Today the dam is releasing even more water, bringing it up to 160,000 cfs. The water table below us is now only 2ft below our basement. Normally it's at 15ft. Our neighbors have 6 inches of water in their sump pump since last night so we are expecting water...soon. If they raise the amount of water from the dam any higher, it could mean we have to leave. So keep praying that this will be it and the sump pump will be able to keep us dry.

Other, more positive happenings...

The kids and I are heading to Salem, SD on Saturday to run a 5K. Not sure why we picked Salem except for the fact that it's a little road trip away from home. We are going to run and then celebrate with lunch on me. The girls have been training and they are ready for the challenge. Then we all head to Springfield the following Saturday for our traditional 4th of July 5K. Looking forward to running with the kiddos.

Landscaping in our backyard a.k.a. moving thousands of pounds of rock was put on hold after the flooding issues but started back up last night. Our neighbor brought over his Bobcat and rock is being moved! Beats the shovel that is for sure. Our home is in complete disarray. However, I am hopeful things will come together by fall.

All my prayer warriors, keep praying for everyone displaced by this flood. Keep praying that I can hold my head up when I start feeling down. I hope our summer can still happen and we are hopeful July will bring some fun in the sun!